Frank and Derol is a band made up of lead singer/keyboardist Codi Caraco and singer/guitarist Brandi Cyrus. Friends first, the girls started writing music together, and a few months later they realized there was something special about their chemistry and sound. Mixing catchy original melodies, intricate harmonies, and contagious beats, the girls have created a sound that is indie but fits into the pop industry. As well as musicians, both girls are writers and work together to make original songs.

Their influences are widespread across the genre map, from Codi’s training in classical music and interest in bands such as Animal Collective, Broken Social Scene, and Pinback to Brandi’s taste in Jimmy Eat World, the Killers, and Copeland. They meet in the middle with a “Wilson Phillips meets Postal Service sound” that will make you want to dance and sing along to their uplifting music.