How to Use the Parental Controls on a Smartphone

If you are not yet familiar with it, parental control is the technological answer to the challenges that parents and guardians face in the day-to-day life of their children and dependent minors. What are your children doing on the Internet? How much time do they spend playing or watching videos? What games do they play or what applications do they open on their mobile phones? How can we limit mobile use through parental control?

Limit Your Child's Media Use

Along with the role that fathers, mothers, and guardians play, accompanying minors and teaching them what they can do or what they should not do to enjoy computers, smartphones, or the Internet safely, parental control acts as a seat belt, helmet, or lifejacket. An additional help that goes where fathers and mothers cannot.

Qustodio is a great example of what parental control can do for you and your child when managing smartphones and the Internet. Limit the use made of the Internet and the connected device, block non-recommended applications and games, and monitor what they do on social networks or what they see on YouTube These are just some of the things that Qustodio can do for you.

Manage the time connected to the Internet

It is one of the main complaints. Too many hours in front of the screen. Although there is no exact number of hours, it will depend on the other daily tasks and activities that we set a limit above or below.

We start from a few hours of use previously set, to be able to be agreed with your child or dependent minor. Not only do you have to agree on the time, but you also have to explain why we limit the use of the connected phone or device. And to make sure this limit is met, Qustodio will act as a watchdog for us. When the stipulated time is up, the device will be locked thanks to parental controls.

As easy as opening the Qustodio parenting app, entering Your Family> Rules> Time Restrictions, and setting the limits. You can choose specific days, weekends or weekdays, the number of hours, what specific hours … In addition, the block can affect navigation, the device, or both.

Limit apps and games

Along with the time of use of the mobile phone, another frequent complaint in many parents is what applications they use, especially social networks and messaging, or what games they play.

Tips to Avoid Mobile Phone Addiction

We must first agree with the minor, based on their age, maturity, and according to what we consider appropriate or not. Once a list of allowed apps and games has been agreed upon, we can proceed to block those that we do not consider appropriate or recommended.

From the Qustodio parent app, you can decide which apps and games your child can use and which ones are blocked for the future. This option works on both Android and iOS. Although on iOS it is limited to certain apps and games, the most popular.

You can block the applications and games directly or simply limit the time of use of each of the listed apps and games. This affects third-party games and applications but also iOS or Android applications such as Safari, Chrome, or the call or message application.

Monitor the use of YouTube and social networks

Third complaint from parents. Along with the time of use and which applications and games spend their time, the third complaint affects what content they see on YouTube or what they do on Instagram or TikTok, to name three of the applications most used by minors along with others such as Twitch or Snapchat.

parental controls

On this occasion, Qustodio’s parental control also allows you to monitor what content your children watch on YouTube or what activity they carry out on social networks. From the parent’s app, in Rules> Social monitoring, you will find everything you can do to monitor social networks or not. For YouTube, Qustodio can access YouTube streams and search history for Web and Android.

As in the previous cases, it is convenient to speak with the minor beforehand, tell them what social networks consist of, what is appropriate and what they should avoid, etc. From here, we may or may not go further and control your activity.

It is important to educate your children about the good and the bad of social networks, the privacy options that they must configure to avoid scares or problems, what attitude to have on social networks, etc.